Why swap?

Short-term internships for young students are difficult to find. For parents who can give a place to their own child, the work category or location might not be what the student wants.

myInternSwap offers a wide choice of work categories and locations – that might be more suitable or just more interesting for a student. It also avoids families being together at work, which isn’t ideal for some parents and children.

How it works

First things first, myInternSwap is only for swaps, so you must have a place to offer. You list the internship you’re offering (your offer) and the one you're looking for (your request).

Search the listings and make swap offers to members whose requests fit best with your offer. Offers and messages are sent through the site. If the swap looks good, you can then exchange contact details with the other member.

From there on it’s down to you. You discuss details with the other member and if you are both happy, you go ahead and arrange the internships.

A service for everyone

At the heart of myInternSwap is a commitment to an open and inclusive service, with the power to democratise work experience. Our goal is to replace the “old boy’s” network with an “all boys and all girls” network. Find out more