Why swap?

Can’t I just apply for an internship

Some organisations offer internships without the requirement to swap but these places are very few and difficult to obtain. myInternSwap is the easy and equitable way to find short-term internships and work experience.

If I have a place to offer, why not use it for my own child?

myInternSwap gives a wide range of work categories and locations that might be more suitable or just more interesting for a student. It also avoids families being together at work, which isn’t ideal for some parents and children.

How does it work?

What’s the basic idea?

The site works on the simple idea of direct family-to-family swaps of internships. You just follow these four easy steps:

1. List the internship you're offering and the one you're looking for.

2. Search the listings.

3. Make and receive swap offers.

4. Get in touch and arrange internship swaps.

Can I pay to get an internship through myInternSwap?

This is a big NO. The site can only be used for swapping, so you can’t get an internship unless you can offer one in exchange.

Do I have to be a parent in order to arrange or provide the swap?

No, anyone can offer an internship on behalf of a student, e.g. another family member or friend.

Can students be members on myInternSwap?

Yes, and they can arrange swaps, as long as they have agreed this with the parent, relative or friend offering an internship place on their behalf.

I'm not a business owner, or a decision maker at my workplace – how can I offer an internship?

The internship doesn't have to be at your own place of work, but could be through friends or family. At your own workplace, you can ask those responsible to see whether they would agree for you to have an intern at work.

Is there a minimum age for students?

Students must be at least 16 years-old when the internship starts – but you can register and list before the student is 16. There is no upper age limit.

How long can the internships be?

Any length, by agreement between the two swapping members.

Are the interns paid

This is entirely at the discretion of members and students.

For internships and work experience placements taking place in the UK, please refer also to the government guidelines on employment rights and pay for interns.

Can I find internships for more than one student?

Yes, up to four students from the same family can be listed under one membership.

Can I offer more than one internship?

Yes, a second offer listing can be added if for example two parents are able to offer separate internship places. This might increase your chance of a successful swap.

Do I have to go ahead with a swap once I get in touch with the other member?

No. Whether you are only in touch through myInternSwap, or have exchanged contact details, you can decline at any time if you aren’t happy with the details of the swap.

Membership and cost

How much does it cost?

Basic membership and creating your listings are completely free. Full membership allows you to make and accept offers, get in touch with other members and arrange internships.

At present we offer a FREE full membersip to anyone at sign-up. To cover the cost of running the site we plan to introduce a paid full membership at some point in the future, but free membership will be available to those unable to afford one otherwise (see below). A 12-month full membership is likely to cost £24.

How many swap offers can I make?

The membership subscription allows you to make and accept unlimited swap offers and arrange as many internships as you like.

What happens when my full membership runs out?

You can remain a member and your listing stays on the site, but to make swap offers or reply to new offers you need to buy another full membership.

What if I can’t afford the full membership?

We offer free full memberships through schools and other organisations (and even to individuals) who feel that the cost would be a barrier for their community. Get in touch with the Team for details.

Safety, privacy and security

Is swapping internships safe?

Yes. You have complete control of the decision to swap, and if and when to exchange the necessary information. We recommend that you obtain full details and verification of the internship, including street address and landline telephone, and for younger students, where appropriate drop them off on their first day. Students under 16 years old are not permitted to take up myInternSwap placements. For more information and helpful ideas on saftey, read our safe internship guide.

Are my details secure?

Yes. Our search results only show work category, location and length of internship. You get in touch with and exchange messages other members through the myInternSwap website. You decide if and when to exchange contact details.

Are the student’s details secure?

Yes, myInternSwap doesn't ask for ANY personal details of the student. You only have to declare that they will be at least 16 years old when they start an internship.

Can I be sure the other member will fulfil their side of the swap?

No you can’t. The swap works on the basis of mutual trust. If for any reason you are not sure about the validity of an offer, you can simply say no and look for another swap.

Do I have to list the student’s place of education?

No, it’s not a requirement. However, there is an option to list the school, college or university which may be helpful information for someone offering a placement.

Do I have to name the company or organisation where the internship is available?

No, it’s not a requirement. However, there is an option to name the company or organisation, and this might be an attraction for someone who is thinking of making you a swap offer.

How do I know if the swap is a fair deal for me?

The relative ‘value’ of each internship is a matter of personal judgement. It’s up to you to decide if you are happy with the swap – and if not, just look for another one.

Managing your account and listing

Can I change my Account Details?

Yes, you can easily change your details. Just go to the Account Details page of your Dashboard and you can change your public name, email address or password.

PLEASE NOTE, if you change your public name, this will automatically be updated in other peoples favourites and conversations you’ve had with members – so try to avoid this unless you really have to!

Can I change my Offer and Request?

Yes, details of category, location, duration and other optional information you’ve added, can be easily changed. Just go to the My Listing page of your Dashboard and click Edit.

How do I add additional Offers or Requests?

Additional Offers and Requests can be added by clicking on the Add+ icon, on the My Listing page of your Dashboard.

Can I hide my Listing?

Yes, if for example you are not looking for now, or have had too many offers, you can toggle between Live and Inactive for any of your Offers or Requests on the My Listing page of your Dashboard. Inactive items will not show up in searches.