We are for everyone

Reaching beyond immediate social circles

myInternSwap is the antidote to the old boy network. It is open to anyone, from any school, from any place and from any social background. We can’t guarantee the degree of social mobility within the site – but the opportunities are there, allowing people to reach beyond their immediate school, social and family networks.

Valuing all work experience

We want to debunk the myth that only white-collar, highly paid jobs can provide good work experience. Young people, especially in the 16-20 years range, can benefit hugely from any kind of short-term work experience. Even if it’s not the career they think they might end up in – any exposure to a work environment is a valuable life lesson. It is not the case that so called ‘valuable’ internships correspond directly with renumeration and perceived social status. There are millions of mid to low-paid jobs which can provide hugely beneficial and desirable work experience.

Creating more places

myInternSwap is not cannibalising a fixed pool of placements. Counter-intuitively, we want to appeal to people who don’t want to take on interns – but would be motivated to do so as a way of finding a placement for their child. This way, more places are created. We don’t see this as nepotism, but rather increased parental engagement and responsibility.

Free to list and free to use

Right now, while we build members and content the site is completely free to everyone. Since we don’t have investors or advertisers, eventually we will probably charge for full membership, to fund site maintenance. However, free full membership will always be given through schools and other organisations that feel they may have issue with the cost.